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Winchester Va. Celtic Festival March 16, 2024


Winchester Va. Celtic Festival March 16,2024

How I found jewelry was quite by accident. I had been handcrafting pet items and felt that it wasn't quite what I really wanted to do. I was looking for something that made my heart happy just thinking about it. I discovered a video on how to make a wire bracelet. It made me smile just watching the video and how magically at the end there was a beautiful piece of jewelry to show for all of the work. I got to thinking Wow I know I can do that. 

Now 5 years later I have created hundreds of pieces and made thousands of happy customers. 

Jewelry is my passion. I love making it. I love creating with all the different colors of beads and using all the different types of wires and threads that are available. 

I find inspiration in nature. All the colors and textures are like my beads. I am learning how to use wire to make silhouettes and then fill it in with beads. 

I have spiders and scorpions that have come alive as beadwork brooches. I love making them and watching them come alive with their own personality as I put them together. 


I live on a farm so inspiration is not that far away from me. 

My husband is a huge support for me. I think he gets just as excited as I do each time I create something new.

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